Why don't we meet for a cup of coffee?

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Then say, "Why don't we meet for a cup of coffee? great I can do this Wednesday afternoon. I have this Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday night CPET Tray open. It sounds Plastic Plate Bowl like you just may have something going for you other than your looks. Some guys take the extreme approach and will simply not call her ever again. Be confident and fallow the guidelines in this article and you'll be money, trust me baby!

Otherwise you will want to wait a day before calling her to set up the first meeting. She doesn't have to put a lot of trust in you yet by meeting you where you live or getting in your car. The first thing you should do is go out and get as many other numbers or e-mail addresses as you can! This sets you up for success because you will not place such a high value on one woman's number.

Both these examples are casual and not overly anxious. You can call or e-mail again without being needy. The first thing to keep in mind is you shouldn't get lazy and stop talking to other women.

The last question you may have, is what to do if she doesn't return your call or e-mail? First you should not be discouraged! People are franticly busy these days and this is often the reason for not getting a message or call back. It is our jobs as men to be proactive and take control of interaction. That attitude is that you just interested enough to see her briefly.

So how to convey this attitude with that all-important element of humor? Well, if you're sending an email try something like; "Hey, it was nice talking to you last night. What is needy and pathetic is when men call women over and over again day after day!

A better approach is to simply call or e-mail again a day or two later. Of course none of her concerns are justified with you good and decent guys reading this, but it is all about making her relaxed and herself with you. Don't expect women to call you. Ha-ha Lets get together for a cup of coffee. You can use a little humor about her not calling you back the first time, like she is playing hard to get, or she is flaky and owes you big time to make it up." It's that simple.It feels great doesn't it? Your heart beats faster; you take the chance and now your walking away with her e-mail address or phone number! Now a few questions pop into your head; how long do I wait to contact her, what do I say, what if she doesn't return my phone calls, and what should I suggest we do on our first meeting?

There is a lot of advice floating around about these questions, and some is good and some is not.

No matter which way you choose to contact her for the first time you must convey the proper attitude with some humor. During your brief first meeting she will have the chance to show you she is more than a pretty face. Meeting in a public venue like a coffee shop will allow her to leave if she is uncomfortable. You convey the proper attitude with humor. She will remember you clearly and you can easily set up a future meeting without seeming needy or anxious. Hey how's it going, yada yada. If you just got a phone number, the only time you want to call the very next day is if you have something very cool coming up that you would like to do with her that cant wait like local festivals, or events. Last your plans are easy and safe, if she is meeting you somewhere it is more like meeting a friend and less like a date. You will feel more relaxed and confident in your interactions with her and if she flakes on you, who cares you have 5 other numbers in your pocket!

If you get her e-mail address, send her an e-mail the next day. Your attitude projects a feeling that most beautiful women bore you and you hope she is more interesting than most other girls."

If you are calling on the phone, start the conversation normally

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